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What is Talking Therapies Employment Support?

Stress, anxiety and low mood can affect you at work and have a knock-on effect on your mental health. Similarly, being out of work can also affect your mental health as you are unable to reap the benefits of being in employment. The structure and routine of work can be used as a tool to recover from mental health difficulties. Whether you are in work or not, your employment situation can play a big role in how well you recover from therapy.

Our employment service is part of Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies and is delivered in partnership with East London NHS Foundation Trust.

Who is it for?

This service is available to all Tower Hamlets residents currently accessing Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies above the age of 18 years. It is aimed at those who need support and are looking for work, want to return to work and work retention, to ensure that their work situation enables better recovery whilst in counselling. 

What we offer?

Our team of employment advisors work in collaboration with therapists to offer free and impartial information, advice and guidance on employment matters to all Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies patients. We provide monthly E-Bulletin Vacancies stretching over 20 sectors, we also provide clients with access to mock interview practice with J.P. Morgan and Charity People and access to our Legal Advice Clinic for complex workplace situations.

How to access EA Support?

Employment Advice service is available Monday to Friday and operates from a range of locations across Tower Hamlets Borough. The main site is Open House, 13 Whitethorn Street, E3 4DA. 

Our advisors offer both face to face and over the phone support. See map here

To receive employment support you must already be either receiving or waiting for treatment from Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies.

If you would like to access Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies you can self-refer by clicking here.

You can be referred to Tower Hamlets Talking Therapies Employment Support by your therapist or by calling 020 8475 8080.

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