Whether you are a group facilitator, trainer or educator, participating in a shadowing programme has benefits for all involved.

When the learner (Peer Leader) shadows a facilitator, it enables first-hand experience with learning opportunities and information regarding the intricacies of how a group works and is managed.

By bringing the learner into a real group setting, they are immersed in tangible experiences with learning coming alive as they connect their experience of Peer Leader Training and development.

Group shadowing provides exciting opportunities where examples of good practice, skills and techniques can be learned, and in time, informing the development of the learner’s own style of delivery.

Meetings prior to and following the group shadowing experience are designed to help the learner connect their experience to their LEAP training course work, and relate their visits directly to skill requirements and their ongoing personal development.

Benefits of the Group Shadowing Experience


Shadowing can provide experiences that are as unique as every person who participates. For the learner who has never experienced facilitating a group, a shadowing experience can inspire and enthuse with techniques and idea’s than can be applied to their own group, and:

  •  Informs about the different approaches and styles of group facilitation
  • Enables participation in varied community groups and activities
  • Introduces how groups can be facilitated in a short period of time
  • Provides a up-close look at how a group is facilitated and managed
  • Contributes to personal development underpinning learning & skills training
  • Showcases the learner’s interest and commitment
  • Impacts the learner’s life in a fun and productive way
  • Enables learners to understand the relevance of facilitator techniques

Hosting group

For those groups hosting the experience, it can help forge personally satisfying connections with others with lived experience who are exploring new skills and perspectives.

  • Promotes involvement in group activity & shared learning experiences
  • Group facilitators become a positive role model
  • Invites facilitators to become part of the Peer Leader training experience
  • Showcases the group & its activities by increasing visibility in the community

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