Upskill is a unique service working with people with mental health to identify positive changes they would like to make in their life. These changes can directly affect health, wellbeing, feelings of isolation, gaining new skills and working towards employment goals.  Working together with peer support and Upskill staff to identify both individual lifestyle and employment goals. Upskill will support with researching, referring and assisting the person to access a range of opportunities designed to support individuals to reach their goals.  Opportunities including education, volunteering and work experience are all available as is job application and interview skills support. Upskill will offer continued one to one support to overcome barriers and make the experience a positive and successful one.  Upskill aims to support the individual to have a positive impact on their health, wellbeing, community networks and future employment prospects, paid or voluntary.


Our knowledge of what is available in the borough means we can help you access the right information to support your journey into meaningful activities and towards your ultimate goal.

For more information please view the Upskill Leaflet

How to refer

Upskill is a free service for Tower Hamlet’s residents.  Please contact Karen on 020 7729 7557 or email [email protected]

Or if you would like to self-refer – please fill out an Upskill Referral Form 

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