Black Mental Health Manifesto Launches!

Black Mental Health Workers Alliance Launches Manifesto to Tackle Mental Health Disparities

We are proud to support the Black Mental Health Workers Alliance (BMHWA) who unveiled the Black Health Manifesto, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing mental health disparities within Black communities across the UK. The manifesto, accessible on the BMHWA website, outlines a comprehensive framework to tackle systemic issues contributing to mental health inequities.

The manifesto proposes initiatives to increase access to culturally sensitive mental health services, improve mental health literacy, and combat racial discrimination within mental health care settings.

With widespread support from healthcare professionals, advocacy groups, and community leaders, the launch of the Black Health Manifesto signals a significant step forward in prioritizing mental health equity for Black communities. As momentum behind the manifesto continues to grow, we are hopeful that its implementation will lead to meaningful improvements in mental health outcomes and healthcare experiences for Black individuals across the UK.

To read more about the Black Mental Health manifesto click here

Posted on: 3rd May 2024

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