Whilst we are working remotely we may realise we have some free time – we have compiled some e-learning resources for you to use whilst at home, this could be a great opportunity for us all to learn something new.


Newham London – Lots of suggestions to improve your mental health and physical wellbeing!

Open Learn – Free online courses in various subject matter

Duolingo – Learn a language for free. Forever

Vision2learn – 13 accredited courses – Get qualified for free

Free courses in England – 48 accredited courses

Future learn – 407 Courses are free for up to 5 weeks for learning only. To get unlimited access and the certificate will cost £32 each course

MyTutor – Created a guide to support students with mental health issues

Me Learning – have opened up their library of courses for MITHN clients to use!

If are a client of MITHN and you would like access to Me Learning you will need a registration key, this should have been issued to you by your caseworker – if this is not the case please email [email protected] and request a registration key. Thank you. Please click on the button below to register. 



BrainPop – offers animated movies on topics in maths, science and English

Tynker – offers coding lesson for kids

Creative Bug – offers craft lessons, from knitting to jewellery-making, drawing and origami

BBC Bitesize – offers lots of resources that are clearly divided into subject and age categories

YouTube’s Free School – offers a range of videos looking at subjects as diverse as the US constitution, coral reefs and the solar system.

Twinkl – has just offered free access to its resources for a month and is providing a simple guide for parents to use it.

TED-Ed, – full of “lessons worth sharing” from teachers around the globe.

Teaching Ideas – Has an array of teaching ideas and resources for kids. Ranging from school subjects to art, music and other subjects

The Big Project – Has collated loads of online resources for children – from games to news, science, books and homework help!


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